Apr. 2014 22

Why You Should Adopt Or Rescue A Dog



We are a nation of animal lovers and for many people, their family just isn’t complete without a cute furry friend. Many families choose to go to a pet store or a breeder to find a puppy that they can rear from a young age and mold them into the perfect dog for their needs. However, there are countless dogs around the country who have been abandoned and are just as in need of a loving and caring home to call their own. For some reason, not many people consider looking at adopting those dogs who are in need and instead go straight into looking at the puppies but there are a whole host of reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of rescuing a dog rather than buying a puppy.

Adopting a rescue dog will be appealing to those who want to bring a neglected dog into a loving home. There’s no better feeling than doing what you can to improve the life of a loving dog who doesn’t understand why she’s been abandoned.

Saving Lives!

You might think that by choosing to adopt a dog you are saving one life but in fact you are saving two. Not only are you rescuing your chosen dog from the possibility of having to be euthanized but you are also saving another dog from dying somewhere astray or at the hands of an owner who treats it cruelly. In adopting a dog you free up another space at the kennels for this dog to be rescued and have a very real possibility at a wonderful life in its forever home.

Up To Date!

One good thing about rescue dogs is that whilst they are in shelters they are kept up-to-date with all of their vaccinations, vets checks, flea and worm treatments and are also neutered if they haven’t already been on arrival. They will also be micro-chipped in the shelter so that if they were to escape or go missing a vets could scan them and find where they belong. This will save you an awful lot of cash in vet bills so this can be very advantageous. However, many people do choose to offer up a donation towards the cost of any treatment their adopted dog received during its stay in the rescue shelter.

Tailor Made

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is different from just buying one from a store, you can’t just walk in, pick a dog and leave with it. First, you have to go and fill out all sorts of paperwork and forms which tell the shelter all about your life, how many hours you work, what sort of dog you are looking for and how much care and attention you can give it. Many shelters will then complete a home check to make sure your house is fully secure and safe to keep a dog. You may also be asked certain questions about how to care for your dog and which vets office they will be registered under. Only then can you begin to look at the dogs that are available for adoption. The shelter will be able to advise you on any dogs they have that may be suitable for you and your family so your dog will effectively be tailor made for you.

I was sent home, dogless. I had to wait a week while they processed my forms and then wait another week for a representative to come to my apartment and make sure it was safe for dogs.


What all rescue dogs want is to be loved. They have been uprooted and often been victims of abuse or other difficult situations and left to fend for themselves or abandoned in a shelter. A dog doesn’t know why this has happened to him. He has no understanding of why he has abandoned. Just that for whatever reason he has no one to love him. When he is shown affection from another human being he will be likely to build up a stronger and more loving bond with that human being who will make him feel worthy of this affection again. Rescue dogs are forever grateful to the heroes who have welcomed them into their homes and shown them all the love and care that they deserve. Rescuing a dog ensures you have a friend for life who will love you unconditionally.

Usually, these dogs are uprooted from a happy home due to divorce, death, or some other lifestyle change, that they do go through a mourning process, so once they’ve found a loving home again, they want to please the new owners as much as possible to hopefully ensure that they won’t be homeless again.

No Puppy Problems

It’s no secret that puppies can be very difficult, in the same way that a child goes through difficult stages. A puppy will go through teething and will deal with the pain of this by chewing on anything it can find no matter whether it is a bone, a pair of your shoes or a corner of your coffee table. In addition to the problem of chewing, puppies need to be house trained which can be a long and difficult process which requires a lot of effort as does training your puppy how to behave and to perform simple commands. Basically, puppies are hard work and if the thought of all of this completely turns you off then a rescue dog could be perfect for you due to the fact that most of these stages have already been passed. Although you will be probably need to spend a short amount of time training the dog on how things work in your house, it isn’t going to be anywhere near as long as the amount of time needed to train a puppy.


Whether you decide to buy a puppy or adopt a rescue dog it is important to remember that bringing a dog into your home is a full time commitment and not something to be taken lightly.

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