Apr. 2014 20

Getting Your Man To Change His Mind And Agree With You!


Serious Business

We are told that one of the fundamental rules in a relationship is to make decisions together and if you have differing opinions to come to a compromise. However, when you think of the fact that women and men are from completely different planets it won’t be hard to believe that our minds often work in totally different ways. What a man sees as a very small issue might be something completely catastrophic to a woman. So there are times when disagreements arise and there is simply no way to come to a compromise. You cannot understand his way of thinking and he thinks you are completely crazy for not knowing that he is right. If this happens and for whatever reason you cannot let the matter drop, you may need to find other methods and means to get your point across….

Do you want to learn how to get him to do anything for you? Are you wishing you were one of those women who seem able to inspire their men into any action that they desire? Is it even possible for the average girl to have that kind of control over her man?

Be Nice!

No one ever got anywhere by stamping her feet and having a tantrum, in fact all this serves to do is put people off and gives them a very bad opinion of you. Instead, try to be as nice as possible, not sickly sweet but smile and be happy, tell him it’s okay that he feels that way and you completely understand although you feel a little differently but that’s okay too! Relationships would be totally boring if everyone felt the same way about everything. If you spin it that way, make him feel like you do value his opinion and you aren’t just trying to argue your own without listening. You are much more likely to get somewhere with him.

Boost Him Up

A man’s ego is a very powerful thing as it can be boosted up and brought back down with the slightest comment. If you want to get somewhere with your man then you will need to take steps to boost his own up. Make him feel special and important but don’t lie as he will be able to see through this and it will probably only end up hurting his feelings in the long run. He needs to know that agreeing to a particular decision is going to be important for him as well as for you and it will also give meaning to it.


Manipulation is never a good thing in a relationship, trying to manipulate your partner by making them feel guilty is only going to drive a wedge between the two of you. However, no one said a little incentive was a bad thing, bribery is probably the wrong word for it (well, actually it’s a spot on but we want to make ourselves feel a bit better). If you are taking the bribery route you need to make sure your man knows it’s a bribe and is okay with it. If he makes it clear from the start that a bribe won’t work then don’t push it.


There is always a right and wrong time to ask for something and choosing the right time is going to increase your chance of a positive outcome but asking at the wrong time can be catastrophic in terms of bad feelings. If your man is particularly grumpy in the mornings then common sense says that you should avoid this time of day for asking for what you want. Instead, opt for a time later in the day, maybe early evening, after work once he has eaten and is relaxed.

Find the right time of day to ask. A 2010 study by the contraceptives manufacturer Bayer Shering Pharma found that men’s biorhythms influence their moods throughout the day, making them more likely to be accommodating at different times of day. Supposedly, the best time to ask a man to do something is around 6 p.m., assuming the man has had a normal day.

Avoid Nagging

Nagging has never really proven itself as a successful method in getting someone to do what you want them to do. You tend to find that the more you nag someone to do something the less likely they are to complete the task and the longer you will be waiting for it to be completed. Nagging is irritating for both the person doing the nagging and the person on the receiving end. It puts people in a bad mood and can cause unnecessary tensions in relationships. If you can avoid nagging then avoid it, or else, you will regret it in the long run.

Nagging is for people that have lost control over their lives. You man will do what you want only when he chooses to do so for his own reasons. In a perfect world, those reasons would be that he loves you, sees what you need and offers it, rather than dodging your requests for assistance.

Let It Go!

If all else fails and you really cannot find a way to agree on whatever issue you are debating on then the best thing to do is just let it go. Pushing the issue continuously is another thing that will just end up making you feel awful and create tension. At the end of the day your relationship is more important than a minor disagreement and you should not let it get in the way of your life together. If, however, you simply cannot let the issue go, well then it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship. Minor disagreements are to be expected but big issues that you are unable to move past could end up causing huge problems if it becomes a regular thing. You don’t have to agree on absolutely everything but differing opinions over potentially serious things are a sign that the relationship is not healthy and maybe it is time to cut the ties before anyone gets too hurt.

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