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How To Look After Your Skin When You Are Passed 30


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We all would love nothing less than fresh, radiant, youthful skin. Celebrities all over the world are wearing minimal makeup but are still looking their very best, but we often feel that this is something we will never be able to achieve, certainly not once we pass the magic mark of 30. Indeed, once you turn 30, you will start to notice that your skin changes. It may feel somewhat drier and your tone can be quite uneven. However, so long as you know how to look after your skin properly, you should be able to achieve that beautiful, radiant glow no matter what your age is. Let’s take a look at some essential tips.

Don’t Drink Before You Sleep

Many of us know that we should stay away from alcohol, coffee or tea before we go to sleep, as this can disrupt our sleep, leaving us looking dull the next morning. Furthermore, these types of drinks can actually dehydrate us. What most of us don’t know, however, is that you shouldn’t drink at all before you go to sleep, not even water.

If you do not want to have swollen face in the morning – do not drink fluid two hours before sleep. In that case, all the excess liquid will get a chance to leave your body before sleep.

We often have a glass of water next to our beds, but you should put that aside and simply stop drinking some two hours before you go to sleep. The added benefit of this is that, as we get older, we need the toilet more frequently as well. Hence, if you don’t drink water or other fluids before bed, you won’t need to get up for the toilet either. The added bonus of this, of course, is that you have uninterrupted sleep, which also leaves your skin looking better the next morning.

Create a Skin Care Regime

You also have to find products that help to look after your skin. Although what you are aiming for is a natural looking skin, this is generally not achieved by letting nature run its course. Naturally, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase chemical products either, as you could opt for botanical, organic products instead. What matters, however, is that you develop a skin care regime that is right for your skin type.

Create a skin care regime and make sure you do each step twice a day. I recommend a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Make sure that the first time you purchase your products, you do so from a professional store that can help you identify what type of skin you have. Using the wrong product on the wrong skin can cause a lot of damage, and it will take a lot of time to reverse that. Hence, spend some time identifying what you actually need as well.


Finally, as soon as you hit your 30s, you must exfoliate.

You’ll see an immediate improvement if you exfoliate. You’re getting enough exfoliation if you’re using a retinoid at night.

Once you turn 30, your skin cells will start to slow down in their regeneration process. You will also have less collagen, which means the elasticity in your skin starts to deteriorate. If you don’t exfoliate, your body will put what little energy it has into cells that would have died off anyway. By exfoliating you remove these cells, leaving the radiant, healthy part of your skin visible for all to see. Do make sure you choose a product that is right for you, as some exfoliating products can be very harsh. Also make sure that you do not scrub the skin on your face.

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